At some point in your retirement years, it will be time to put your savings to work for you. One of the best ways to begin this process is by transitioning into a community that takes care of mundane tasks and offers life fulfilling activities. The first step in Making the Change is to proactively reduce unnecessary living space and “things” accumulated from a lifetime of working and raising families. Not only is this a very healthy step, but friends and family appreciate receiving treasured items you personally give them. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Renting vs. Homeownership

Garden Apartment
Full Maintenance provided

We offer both rentals and ownership options at Homestead Village. Either way you decide to go, campus amenities take a burden off your shoulders.

In one of the independent apartments, you will be evermore without home repairs, lawn care, or variable bills to think about, your biggest worry will be which activity to join in for the day.

Patio Home
Private Ownership
Maintenance not included

One thing to bear in mind is that Homestead Village does provide a month-to-month rental option. Some residents feel a sense of relief and personal freedom knowing they can depart without penalty after giving a 30-day notice. Of course, we hope you decide to stay with us for many years. But, we understand that this is your retirement and your choice.

Choose from a variety of living options to find the best arrangement for your needs.

Garden and Cottage Apartments

A convenient and very practical living option at Homestead Village is the independent apartments. For one monthly rate, senior residents can live in a beautiful apartment while receiving various services offered to ease the burden of managing a household. Residents easily maintain their individual lifestyles while enjoying the comfort of knowing assistance is close at hand.

Six different floor plans and unit sizes are available to suit all tastes and space requirements. Each has unique features and attractive styles that include 1-2 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, full kitchens and modern appliances. All apartments are designed with the senior resident in mind and include security features for residents' accessibility and safety. Entry alarms, smoke detectors, firewalls and emergency pull cords are just some examples. Some units come with a covered parking area, extra storage, and a sunroom. Square footage ranges from 600 sq. ft to 1140 sq. ft.

Estate Homes

The estate homes consist of single-family patio homes, condominiums, and villas. Each dwelling is individually owned and is available through resale only. The owners of these homes receive a package of services from Homestead Village for a monthly fee.

"The Huntingdon" assisted living

Applying an "aging in place" philosophy, Homestead Village offers its independent residents the opportunity to stay on the campus as an individual's needs change. The Huntingdon Assisted Living Facility is uniquely designed to provide seniors a friendly, comfortable home among friends where the luxury of personal assistance is always available. Following the same decorative style as the rest of the campus, the building itself consists of 30 apartment units along with several common areas and a private dining room. Each resident enjoys private living quarters within a variety of floor plans. Three meals a day and supportive services are included in one monthly fee.  Residents of Homestead Village are the first priorty to the Huntingdon.

Availability and Pricing:

To find out the availability and prices of homes for sale, it is necessary to contact an Alabama licensed real estate agent. The administration of Homestead Village does not manage the resale of properties.