Financial Benefits

Unlike many other retirement communities, Homestead Village is a charitable 501c3 organization. We operate from a passion centric mission statement rather than a profit driven business plan. We use any positive cash flow to enhance our campus and improve the life of the residents we serve. This set-up allows us to maintain comfortable rates for residents without being pressured by shareholders to continually increase revenue.

No Endowment

Retirement is about making life simpler and that’s exactly what we want to achieve for you. For one easy monthly fee, you receive all the amenities Homestead Village has to offer. We do not collect an up-front endowment payment, which often runs from $100k to $300k just for admission into other retirement communities. At Homestead Village you only pay a one-time application fee. Then, rent is collected monthly.

Month-to-Month Rental

This is your retirement, which is why you control the length of your stay at Homestead Village. All leases are written with a 30-day notice clause that allows you to depart without penalty. You do not have to commit to any predetermined length of stay – although we hope you decide to stay with us for many years.  Apartment rates range based on size from $1000 to $2100 monthly and include all the services and amenities with no extra charges.

Affordable Options

At the lowest cost per square foot in the Mobile Bay Area, you’ll enjoy modern amenities and classic styling in a variety of living arrangements. From large, walk-in closets and sun-drenched patios to richly decorated social meeting spaces, it’s up to you to choose the option that feels like home.

Easy Budgeting

All-inclusive amenities are part of your monthly rent at Homestead Village. So, you no longer have to budget activities out separately. You will know exactly what to plan for each month with variable costs (home repair, lawn care, cable television, water and sewer) no longer a separate part of the equation.

Assisted Living

Applying an "aging in place" philosophy, Homestead Village offers its residents the opportunity to stay on the campus as an individual's needs change. All Homestead Village residents have first priority admittance to move to The Huntingdon Assisted Living Facility. If in need of assisted living counseling, we will help you understand your LTC policy and make sure you, your loved ones and insurance company are in concurrence with options open to you.  Assisted living rate range from $2550 to $3550 based on the size of the apartment. 

If you have any questions call us at 251-929-0250